Community Work

Since its foundation, the firm had been committed to acting for the benefit of the community, as an integral part of the firm’s activity. The firm had participated  in a broad range of public benefit projects and ventures based of a desire to contribute and help those with fewer means and members of weaker sectors of society.

The firm is currently active in the following projects:

The Yosef Moshe Shilensky Trust:   The trust’s funds were used to open a music room at Yehuda Halevi School in Netanya, a school for children with special needs.  

The Tishkovitz Family Trust:   The firm’s partners took part in the project in conjunction with the City of Netanya’s Department of Education. As part of the project, teenagers volunteer at the homes of Holocaust survivors, and at the end of the year, they will write a book of essays on the experience and the personal story of each survivor they met. The essays will be collected into a binder dedicated to the Tishkovitz Family. As part of the project, the school will receive a scholarship for its students’ welfare (scholarships for trips to Poland, visits to Yad Vashem and so on).

Shapiro Family Trust:   The firm is accompanying an educational project at in the city of Netanya – a school in which most of the students are children from families in difficult economic conditions.

As part of the projects, the students will write essays on children in the Holocaust, and in conjunction with the Netanya Fund, an advanced classroom will be built, that will include a broad range of advanced teaching aids and accessories.

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