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Dov Shilensky & Co., Attorneys at Law, have for decades provided legal support to a variety of companies, businesspeople, leading banks and other institutional and/or financial entities in a broad range of monetary claims and debt collection proceedings including implementation of verdicts via the Executions Office, realizing loans and mortgages in receivership processes, bankruptcy proceedings, seizures, prohibition of of exiting the country orders, etc. .

Over the years, the firm handled thousands of cases, hundreds of realizations, tens of thousands of debtors, while providing professional response andsolutions, including groundbreaking precedents and procedures.

  In order to provide the best possible legal service to our customers, the firm’s IT systems are connected directly to the Court and Executions Office networks, and we employ a full team of employees, representatives and investigators,  assisting us with the collection process. Each client is assigned a team to work with them in a fully cooperative and transparent manner.

Furthermore, the firm employs skilled attorneys and legal staff with years of experience, specializing in the field of banking and collections, that underwent changes during recent years, requiring them to demonstrate skills and uncompromising professionalism alongside creativity and sophistication.

The firm is a member of international debt collection associations, and operates in cooperation with law firms abroad. We are prepared to assist in financial claims and collection in most countries.

Our customers in the collections field include, among others, Bank Leumi Ltd., Leumi Mortgages, Israeli Discount Bank Ltd., Bank Mizrahi Tefahot Ltd., Mercantile Discount Bank Ltd., Migdal Insurance Ltd., Hachshara Insurance Ltd., the City of Tel Aviv and other companies.

We invite you to join our ever-growing list of customers, thus allowing you to use and enjoy the full range of services offered by the Billing and Collections Department.

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