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Thanks to the firm’s extensive work in the field of insolvency, the legal team holds priceless professional knowledge, alongside professionalism and familiarity with the various nuances and elements in the field.

The firm is currently expanding, recently directing its expertise, resources and capabilities to the field of insolvency, in order to enhance the experience and leadership in the field of receivership, recovery and liquidation.

Towards this purpose, the firm has a unique team of lawyers with extensive professional and administrative experience, allowing them to deal immediately and efficiently with the variety of problems faced by a receiver or liquidator, including an active liquidator, until the best possible comprehensive solution is reached under given circumstances.

Due to the professionalism and reputation they have accumulated, the firm’s partners are often appointed as receivers, liquidators and in various positions on behalf of the banking system, the official receiver and the and court system, in a broad range of positions fields.

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